Add value to your panels and save time by using our CNC Drilling Service. Our machines are capable of face and end drilling as well as routing pockets, cutting angles and radiuses. You can specify up to sixteen different drilling requirements online. Alternatively, if you have carcasses that require drilling just send us a basic sketch and we can take care of setting out the drilling for you.

What is CNC Drilling

The CNC Drilling machine is the process of using a computer controlled machine which our expert CNC operators input your required specification. The result is that we can offer unrivalled accuracy and versatility compared to other drilling alternatives such as Upright and Radical drilling, better still
it is more affordable.

We specialise in wood cutting, however if you have another material that requires our drilling service, please get in touch and we will get back to you.

Our Service:

  1. Send us your files: drawing, 3D model or sketch
  2. We provide a quote within 24 hours
  3. You confirm the order
  4. We start production immediately