Plywood Board

Plywood is an extremely reliable and consistent board, renowned for being lightweight, having superior strength, stiffness and dimensional stability, making it ideal for construction material for a range of requirements. Ideal for floors, walls and roofs. We have thicknesses from 4mm- 24mm in finishes including Birch, Marine and Fire rated.


Oriented strand board (OSB), also known as SmartPly or sterling board is an engineered chipboard that is manufactured by compressing layers of wood strands with the addition of adhesives. The board has high mechanical properties which makes it ideal for use in load-bearing applications, such as flooring, wall covering and roofing.


Birch Plywood has excellent mechanical properties due to its multiple layers or ‘plies’ of wood veneer. The board has a pale colour and fine sanded finish making it popular for furniture design. Available in a range of face grades with ‘S’ being virtually blemish free, then to ‘BB’ where all major defects are replaced by wooden patches.


Our Standard Ply is a Hardwood Plywood that is known for its surface hardness, and wear resistance making it suitable for use in construction. With other characteristics such as excellent strength and resistance to creep this material is often used as wall and floor structures.