MDF is a medium density fibreboard used in many internal applications. The smooth surface of the boards is suitable for many finishing applications, they are ideal for machining into profiles too. We offer a comprehensive range of all types of MDF including Standard, Moisture Resistant, Fire Retardant and the latest innovation Tricoya- which can be used in exterior applications. The MDF we offer comes in a variety of thicknesses and board sizes. Our preferred brand to sell is Medite.


Our preferred Standard MDF is Medite Premier, these boards are a dependable good quality product with consistent thickness and face properties. There is a full range of thicknesses available from 3mm to 50mm and at varying board sizes.


Moisture Resistant (MR) MDF is designed for use in humid environments so is the preferred material for use in kitchens and bathrooms. These boards have high dimensional stability so make them suitable for machining and shaping.


There are two different classes of flame retardant (FR) MDF available, either Class B or Class C which are specifically developed for use where Euro class B or C regulations are in place for MDF board.


The ultimate MDF with a 50 Year guarantee when used outside, Tricoya is a highly versatile product. The board is manufactured using a high performance resin that bestows impressive characteristics such as superior dimensional stability, durability and fungal resistance even when exposed to changing weather conditions. These properties make Tricoya ideal for use as external cladding, fascia panels, signage as well as window and door components, or even speciality furniture for use in wet environments such as swimming pools.


The Valchromat range is an evolution of MDF board that is a coloured throughout, and due to the organic dyes and resin used in the manufacturing process the board has an increased mechanical strength, higher moisture resistance and requires less effort of finish.


The boards have been developed to meet with building regulations for a range of external applications as well as allowing all the freedom of Standard MDF. Used frequently in sheltered exterior environments as signs, shop fronts and garden components this material has good durability but it is recommended that the panels are coated with a suitable weather proof finish.


The quantity of woodgrain boards that are available is vast, ranging from simple, smooth textured representations through to highly detailed designs with a synchronised woodgrain texture that matches to the image. Whether a traditional or modern look is required there will be a board to fit.


As suggested by the name of this board the Medite Ultralite is a lighter weight alternative to standard MDF whilst still maintaining excellent stability and smoothness of surface. The Ultralite board can be used where easier handling or reduced tool wear is required, making it the choice for exhibition stands, or TV , film and theatre sets, or event furniture.


The MDF board has a pre-machined profile of the V-groove and bead, this gives the impression of the use of tongue and groove panelling without the added labour or problems with shrinkage. The panels are easy to install using standard fixings and are popular for use in all areas of the home as well as restaurants and other commercial buildings.