Decorative Board

Our wide range of decorative boards contains both contemporary and traditional styles; with material finishes such as Matt, Gloss, Woodgrain, Leather and Uni Colours. These versatile products can be used as door fronts, feature panels or as an alternative to a Bonded Laminate. By combining these materials with carcasses made from melamine faced board you can cultivate almost any style for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and the shop fitting industries.


The matt boards have a high quality design that is right on trend for that elegant, contemporary look. These boards have a MDF core and a melamine face that has been through an innovative coating process to give a distinct velvety appearance that absorbs light, giving a true matt finish.


Our gloss boards are available in an array of different colours and styles. The boards are manufactured using either an MDF or chipboard core which then has an acrylic or melamine face bonded to it. All gloss materials are supplied with a protective surface film that once removed, leaves the near mirror quality surface on display.


Boards with a fabric appearance are very popular for bedrooms and bathrooms where the finish imitates similar textiles in the environment. The panels give a warm and tactile feel that can be used in conjunction with both contemporary and traditional styles.


With authentic reproductions of such materials as concrete, granite and minerals the stone boards are being used as lightweight alternatives whilst still producing the required visual effect.


There are two different types of board that we offer that have a metallic effect; there are melamine faced boards that have a chipboard core, or there is a MDF board which is coated on one side with a real aluminium sheet and a white balancer on the reverse. These new options are being used more and more as decorative wall panelling as well as fitted furniture.


Either through the use of texture or the printed design our leather effect boards offer a cost effective alternative for real leather panels. There are a range of colours available that are made using a melamine face, this also produces a durable surface that’s easy to keep clean.


The quantity of woodgrain boards that are available is vast, ranging from simple, smooth textured representations through to highly detailed designs with a synchronised woodgrain texture that matches to the image. Whether a traditional or modern look is required there will be a board to fit.


From highly popular neutral colours to decadent, deeper colours, there will be something within the colour chart that fits your needs. There is availability across different textures and finishes such as matt, gloss and woodgrain.


The most commonly used boards for all applications, there are a variety of textures and finishes available from mirror gloss, to boards with a patterned relief pressed onto the surface. White boards can be acrylic faced on an MDF core or melamine faced on a chipboard, MDF or even plywood core.