CNC Cutting Service

Our Computer Numerical Control machineor as it’s more commonly knownCNC machineis powered by state-of-the-art German engineering allowing us to produce stunning complex and simple shapes. For this reason alone, it is understandable why London’s best architects, designers and artists choose our CNC cutting service.

CNC cutting team

Our experienced CNC cutting team is well equipped to work across different industries so whether you are a furniture manufacturer, joiner, carpenter or part of a creative industry we can help. We are on hand from the beginning of a CNC project such as a design concept all the way to delivery of the finished work. Our goal being to offer unrivalled quality and accuracy of work.



Our laminate boards are of high durabiity and resistance,high stability,they are also substitutes to wood veneers,they come in solid colour,wood grain and patterned white,we have them in extensive range of design.


our melamine boards doesnt require finishing,it can be cut to size and faced with wide range of colours,we can edge it with matching and constracting coloured edging tapes.


our high gloss boards have good high stability,very easy to clean and also easy to process,its chemical and thermal resistance. we have them in various range of colours


we stock up various types of MDf,our MDF boards are less expensive to natural woods,they consistent in strength and size,they are also an excellent susbstrate for veneers,they are rigid to plywoods and also very flexible.


our veneer board are raw veneer,wood on wood and they are recyclable,

Although the main focus of our company is on providing a metal and wood cutting service, please take a look at the other materials we work with:

If you already have a bespoke design in mind and would like to know if we are able to assist, please contact us by filling out our form and a member of team will get back to you as soon as possible.