Sliding Wardrobes

Storage solutions for your wardrobe

We understand that everyone has different storage needs, which is why we have created a range of storage options. Choose a pull-out trouser rack for your work trousers, a counterbalance hanging rail or a shoe rack for simply more shoe storage. We have interior systems that offer flexible storage solutions to suit your individual needs.

Pull-out Shoe Rack

This space-efficient, soft-close shoe rack provides the perfect way to care for your shoe collection and keep your wardrobe clutter-free.

Pull out trouser rack

If you prefer trousers with the classic ‘just-pressed’ look, look no further than this innovative, pull-out trouser rack.

Counter balance hanging rail

Take full advantage of tall spaces and make high clothing easier to reach with this handy extendable rail.

Glamour Unit

Indulge your inner beauty and discover our’s with this beautiful concealed glamour unit.


If lack of space isn’t a factor then this system is great for you. Units are fully enclosed, keeping clothes dust free.

Our Premium Storage Solution comes with tops, backs and sides. Each wardrobe is a fully enclosed unit and neatly sectioned off, keeping your clothes dust free. You can choose from lots of clever features such as our concealed glamour unit or counterbalanced hanging rail to fully utilise the height in your room or why not go for slide out shoe racks if you’re a shoe lover.



Looking for more contemporary interior styling?

If you’re looking for more of a contemporary interior styling then our aluminium system is just for you. This spacious system also works perfectly if you’re thinking of a walk-in wardrobe too.


Perfect for when space is at a premium.

This system has open backs and sides giving you maximum storage from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Hanging rails run the full width of the wardrobe maximising every inch of available space.